Wol in One!

About Wol in One!

Fleep is a Virtual Reality game where you try to get as many sheep into a hole as possible in a short amount of time.

I worked on this fun little game as the composer & sound designer, as well as professional sheep. 

The team and I wanted to create an amusing & absurd environment, so we made just that! The project was great fun to work on and the people were awesome to work with.


Game Feel

For this game the team decided to lay down a large field for the players to walk on. This way the player could reposition herself to find a right angle to shoot the sheep!

With my audio I wanted to help making the game feel immersive by transforming the music in ambisonics (meaning the positioning of the instruments were set around the player).  Next to that I made sure all sounds were binaural so the player would notice the difference between things happening in front and behind herself.