About the VR PROJECT

The VR PROJECT is a Small Solo Sandbox I created to learn about non-audio aspects of Virtual Reality games, such as:

– Game Design
– VR Implementation
– Blender 3D Modeling
– Texturing
– Shader graph
– Animation
– C# scripting

As an audio composer & sound designer I find it incredibly useful to know about implementation of art props and the basic functioning of scripting.

This understanding helps greatly with making better decisions concerning the connection and implementation between audio and visuals (and it also brings a great appreciation for the different crafts within game development).

Unity Visuals

Created a few cool lasers...

For the Sandbox I first wanted to create a combat arena with a laser blasting robot in the middle. These were the first concepts. The Robot slowly follows the player. When in sight, he starts beaming like crazy !

... And a lot of texturing !!

Moving Texture on a small Sci-Fi Shield, created with Shader Graph

Learned about particle systems to create these over-the-top muzzle flares

… and some cool explosions !

With the combined power of Shader Graph and Blender I created these subtly moving grass patches. (If grass was always this nice, I wouldn’t mind watching it grow)

Blender Adventure

Whole Lotta Blender

I learned most of blender through YouTube, such as these props below

Obvious includes the infamous (but very awesome) Well Tutorial

Another one thanks to YouTube ! 

Loopable Animation!!

This is definitely one of my favorites !!

Here are a few originals:

The one and only Sci-Fi gun I created for the sandbox

This is a recreation of my beloved (though seemingly broken) Koch Guitar Amplifier

Unity Coding

Spiderman, spiderman...

For the sandbox I wanted to try a bunch of different methods to move around, including swinging around …

… and climbing !

With a bunch of messing around I also got the bow and arrow to do what I want ! (The bow scrolls through an animation based on the distance of the pulling hand. How cool is that !! )

Sky Arena | VR Sandbox

A Full preview of the Sky Arena VR Sandbox