Now There Be Goblins

About Now There Be Goblins

Now There Be Goblins is an ongoing Virtual Reality project where it’s your goal to stop goblins from demolishing a statue.

In this project I’ve been delving in Binaural and Ambisonic audio, looking for ways to make all sound as immersive as possible.


Binaural & Ambisonics

Video best listened to with headphones.

In the video below I give a look inside the FMOD project for Now There Be Goblins.

The Ambience of the birds (and small instruments like a kalimba and a triangle) is made in ambisonics. This means that certain sounds have been given a position in the soundfile. Once the player rotates his/her head, the position of the sounds remain on the same position, making the sound move around the head.

For every other sound (like the goblin footsteps) I made the sounds binaural. This means the incoming sounds now take account of the shape of your ear, making the player notice when a sound plays in front of you or behind you. In most games sound is only heard left to right, not front to back.