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Composer & Sound Designer for Games


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About me

Hi, my name is Thomas van Rossum and I am a Composer & Sound Designer for Games with an expertise in Virtual Reality Game Audio, currently based in the Netherlands.

Interactive Music Design

As I enjoy doing both music, sound design and implementation, I tend to work closely with designers and developers to make sure our vision is one and the same. 

In my latest running projects I’ve been focusing mostly on Virtual Reality games, where I believe player immersion is extremely important, and where audio can greatly enhance the experience if implemented properly.

Therefore I’ve been researching  ways where sound effects respond correctly to its environment through tools such as Binaural and Ambisonics audio to make everything sound completely 3D. I have experimented with sonic behavior such as occlusion and auditive responses on object collisions with a variety of different materials and looked at ways to connect the real life body to the VR environment through clothing sounds.

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