Thomas van Rossum

Composer & Sound Designer for Games




Now There Be Goblins VR (2019 - 2022)
Koji's Quest VR (2020 - 2021)
Art & Programming Shenanigans VR (2020)
Lenli (2018) Student Project
Nubbin (2018) Student Project

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Thomas van Rossum is a Dutch composer and sound designer living in the Netherlands. He studied at the University of the Arts Utrecht (2016 – 2020), where he worked excessively with game developers to develop his skillset.

Working mainly on Virtual Reality video games, Thomas is primarily focused on creating immersive 360 degrees soundscapes which allow players to feel sonically surrounded, permitting them to fully submerge in the virtual space. In his music he combines virtual orchestration with synthesizers and creative sound design, along with compelling harmonic gestures, to create unique and effective scores.

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